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The Effects Of Gibberellic Acid

The Effects Of Gibberellic Acid The main objective for this experiment was to examine the effects of Gibberellic Acid which is a plant hormone on different genotypes of a plant called Brasscia rapa, which included wild type, petite, elongate, and rosette. The wild type and petite have the same amount of Gibberellic Acid, but the elongate over produces it and rosette under produces it. The experiment was placed on top of a wick, while the wick is leading the underneath to keep the plants moisturized. The project took place over eight days. Each group member came in each day and measured the height plant growth with a small ruler in mm. We recorded the information and collected them into a chart. Introduction: A hormone is a chemical that is released on cell or part of a body and travels to some target cell where a receptor protein will bind that hormone and trigger of some change within the cell of the receiving cell. Since plant dont have a nervous system, hormones are the major way that plant tissues communicate each other (Campbell Reece, 2010). Gibberellic Acid is plant hormone that occurs in plant growth. Gibberellic Acid also known as GA3 is involve in stem elongation and increasing the size of plant parts. GA3 works on germination by supporting growth in the embryo of a seed. In other words, GA3 causes quick germination of the seed and break out of dormancy (Seed Dormancy and Effects of Plant Growth). They are also involve in having the plant become active again if they loose their leave during the winter. The main focus for this experiment is to prove how much hormones effect the plant growth. Cycocel is plant growth that provides height control by reducing stem elongation. When shoots and stems are treated with Cycocel, they are more impact and stronger with deeper green growth. Cycocel inhibits GA3 from elongating the stems of the plants (The Effects of Gibberellic Acid and Cycocel on The Growth of Cultured Leaf Tissue). The plant that was used for this experiment was Brassica rapa plant. It is a fast growing plant, complete its life cycle in around forty days also mostly related to the mustard group. There were four different genotypes used to complete this experiment. They were wild type, petite, and rosette(McKeon and Warren, 2012). The rosette plant is much shorter than a wild type plant. The elongated is much taller than a wild-type plant. The petite plant is about half as tall as a wild-type plant. Three different experiments were done on the genotypes. First water was added to the control, second the Gibberellin Acid 3, and then Cycocel was added to the genotypes. Then comparison was made to their growth to see much they were affected. The purpose of this experiment was to make a comparison of the effects of the GA3 and Cycocel on brassica plants. Then this will allow us to measure the growth of the plants. The hypothesis for this experiment is that when adding GA3 to the rosette of Brassica rapa the plants will increase in its height compared to the plants that have just water when adding GA3 to the wild type of Brassica rapa the plants will again increase in it height compared to the plants that have just water added to them. Material and Method: The four different genotype used for this experiment were wild type, petite, and elongated, rosette. The plants were planted in Styrofoam container that had squares and each square had one plant planted on. The Styrofoam was placed firmly on top of a wick material that led to water under the plants (figure 1). The wick absorbs water and carries it into the plants and this provides a constant source of water for the fast plants. The plants were divided into three separate sections because they were sprayed with three different solutions: water for control, Gibberellic Acid (100ppm solution), and Cycocel (1:100 dilution) or B-Nine (McKeon and Warren, 2012). A tube was placed around the plant and sprayed three times over the plants. The tube was used in order to protect the other two plants. A small ruler was used to measure the plants. The plants were measured once a day for eight days in mm, they were measured from the top of the Styrofoam to the top of the plants. We followed their growth and effect of the solutions against the plant for eight days, and then we organized the information into graphs to compare their growth for eight days. Figure 1 Plant Set-Up and Treatments: This is the actual setup for the plants. Each square was planted with one plant. Results: These graphs were collected from the experiment and the measurements were done in mm. Figure 2 Wild Type Treated Growth Chart: This explains the growth for the wild type when Brassica rapa plants are treated with GA3 and Cycocel. As this figure shows, the GA3 treated plants grew much bigger than the other plants. The Cycocel did not grow as big as the GA3. Figure 3 Petite Treated Growth Chart: This result is from the petite of the Brassica rapa. The graph shows that the results look similar to figure2. The GA3 treated plant expanded its growth but the Cycocel treated plant did not. Figure 4 Elongated Treated Growth Chart: These results are from the experiment of Elongated of brassica rapa. It shows that GA3 treated plants are still expanding and the control seems to be expanding too but not as much as the GA3 treated plants. Overall, the control and the GA3 grew a lot taller than the Cycocel treated plants. Figure 5 Rosette Treated Growth Chart: these results show the Rosette of Brassica rapa experiment. It shows that GA3 treated plants show the most growth. They also show that there were small differences between the control plants and the Cycocel treated plants. They grew in unity together, but the Cycocel has only small effects on the plants. Discussions: For the results for the wild types experiments, the plants that were treated with the GA3 solution grew an extraordinary amount compared to the control. They grew about 2 mm a day. The plants that were treated with Cycocel solution grew about the same as the control. This shows that the Cycocel treated plants did not have that great effect on the plants metabolism. At the end of experiment the control a little more than the Cycocel treated plants, as seen in Figure 2. The results of Petite experiment were roughly the same as the Wild Type. The plants that were treated with the GA3 solution grew a few mm more than the control and the Cycocel treated plants. As Figure 3 show, the control and the Cycocel treated plants grew equally. On the final day of the experiment, the control showed a dramatic increase in its growth, but the Cycocel treated plants did not increase at all, as seen in Figure 3. The results for elongated experiment were a little different from the other two experiments. The GA3 treated plants grew even more. The control grew a large amount of growth. The Cycocel treated plants had a very small amount of growth compared to the other two experiments, as seen in Figure 4. The final experiment that was completed was the Rosette of Brassica rapa. The experiment showed the most growth with GA3 treated plants. The Cycocel treated plants and the control grew almost at the same length in each experiment, as seen in Figure 5. The results of the experiment do support the hypothesis. It was hypothesized that if we add GA3 solution to the Rosette of Brassica rapa the plants will increase in its height compared to the plants that have just water. It was also hypothesized that if we added the GA3 to the Wild Type of Brassica rapa the plants will again increase in it height compared to the plants that have just water added to them. The GA3 solution added to Rosette and The GA3 added to the Wild Type did increase in every experiment until the last. Conclusion In conclusion, experiment show the GA3 does effect the growth of the plant, but only it is only effective when it is used to treat it with plants. When GA3 is added to a plant with an equal amount of gibberellins, it increases its growth compared to the plants treated with water. The experiment also shows that GA3 is extremely important in germination of seed and plants. Literature Cited : Bristow, Michael. The Effects of Gibberellic Acid and Cycocel on The Growth of Cultured Leaf Tissue. 20 Dec. (1965): 1-8. Print. McKeon Sr, Brian, and James T. Warren Jr. Biology 240: Form and Function A laboratory Manual. 8th ed. Penn State Erie, The Behrend College: School of Science, Biology Program, 2012. 41-43 Reece, Jane B., Lisa A. Urry, Michael L. Cain, Steven A. Wasserman, Peter V. Minorsky, and Robert B. Jackson. Campbell Biology. 9th ed. San Francisco: Benjamin Cummings, 2010. Yomi, Fadimu O. Seed Dormancy and Effects of Plant Growth Substances on the Seeding Growth of Hog Plum (Spondias mombin) Linn.. Apr. (2011): 1-2. Print.

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The Character of Simon in William Goldings Lord of the Flies :: William Golding Lord of the Flies

The Character of Simon in William Golding's Lord of the Flies   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Throughout William Golding's, Lord of the Flies, many of the characters go through changes in their personality traits. From beginning to end, Simon goes through the smallest amount of change than anyone in the novel. Despite the fact that Simon did not really fit in with the other boys, he tried his hardest to make a difference in his and the other's lives.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In the beginning, Simon was described as a 'skinny, vivid little boy†¦,'; (Golding 24) showing that he was undersized and possibly weaker than the others. He stuck around Ralph for a while, went exploring with him and Jack, and even helped him build the shelters. It was not long before he began to wander off by himself to that little place among the creepers. The other boys thought he was 'queer†¦.funny.'; (55) because he was an outcast and rather strange.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Towards the middle of Simon's stay on the island, he started to realize that he truly was different from the others. Every time he tried to talk to the other children, his 'effort fell about him in ruins; the laughter beat him cruelly and he shrank away defenseless to his seat.';(89) Just when he thought he had been accepted he embarrassed himself again, 'When he bashed into a tree Ralph looked sideways impatiently and Robert sniggered.';(104) They were getting restless with his behavior.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In the end, he was trying more to tell the boys what he knew, but they just thought he was weird. He told Ralph, 'You'll get back alright.';(111) Ralph's response was only that he thought Simon was 'batty.'; In another instance, he went to tell the others that he found out what the beast really was (the parachutist), but got caught in their bestial dance. They heard him 'crying something about a body on the hill,'; (152) but it was too late. In the darkness, he had been mistaken for the beast and was killed.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Although Simon's life was a short one and he did not have the time to go through much change, he proved that there was hope for being rescued.

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Reflection Report And Learning From An Experience Education Essay

The contemplation study is a signifier of thought, how to analyse based on cognition and feeling. As a director ego analyze to believe about failing and strengths. In this study, it is need to concentrate on communicating accomplishments, clip direction, range direction, hazard direction, analysis, self motive and direction ( self judgement, self rating, self reaction, and self satisfaction ) , job resolution, squad effectivity and undertaking planning. The chief aims of this study are needed to discourse and concentrate on following component: Life long larning after this thesis class experience Experience and Importance of group work and relationship with squad members Importance to maintain day-to-day dairy for long tally undertakings such as thesiss, research work studies or any long proficient undertakings. Contemplation is a series of measure to observe down for future mention and aid Importance of analysis and research we did for our project- processing of running undertaking Quality of work related to topic Tutor and group members suggestion and advises so note down in contemplation dairy Basically brooding cognition is a method to analyze him/her ego internally and profoundly and happening out the issue of jitteriness, settle down by the experience which creates the significance of ego. And learns from the same repetition experience and changed him/her ego efficaciously by the consequence of experiences. Reflection pattern is the signifier of ego consciousness and ego assessment and describes the consequence and results of individual ‘s actions.Remembrance of Experiences ( Weekly Detailed Dairy )WeekDateActivity01 14 -06-2010 First hebdomad, we attended the debut session of AMP Module given by Vincent Ong, and larn how to compose a study and how to follow the format etc from supportive coach. After that Academic Liaison Librarian has give the elaborate information about manner to set the referencing in our study and module enchiridion of AMP was provided to all of us. Following twenty-four hours activity was about the plagiarism and turnitinUK. JBK explained us sing rephrasing and characteristic of turnitinUK. They besides helped us in hunt of related articles from digital library. First clip, I have learnt that how to set cardinal words in progress hunt and acquire the diaries and articles called rational research to individuality and back up our work. Rob explained us about the contemplation study and how it is relevant with our study and what makes a good contemplation study and what should be the construction of study. After that we have collected enchiridion of AMP subject. During this hebdomad we have formed a group of 10 members as we all antecedently worked together so we knew each other. One thing in our favour that working with known group members will cut down clip taken to get down acting and apprehension of each frame of work. Get downing of this hebdomad we all felt excited and optimistic. As we received information about work we became more discerning, baffled and unsure and our subject besides made us really unsure and dying. But after two yearss encephalon ramping with group members and elaborate treatment with coach reassured us, and gave us elucidation and showed right way. In general we learnt that broad scope of resources and diaries are available in our library ; it was analyzed that without the coach counsel may be we would be on the incorrect way. We besides understand the importance of citing. How to comparing and contrasting the stuff from different writers and importance of sharing thoughts every bit good as we understand the importance of secondary research. Learned about the importance of the clip direction in undertaking and proper referencing ; may be some job will be encountered during the undertaking like in personal planning and in pull offing a group. Learning solution in this hebdomad would be like how to happen relevant information more efficaciously and learned the demand to keep records about day-to-day activities of advancement. 02 21-06-2010.This hebdomad, I have read the enchiridions and all stuff given by coach. Two articles in enchiridion are really much helpful for understanding the subject. Today we start our undertaking ; we did research and found 5-6 articles about mark market choice and difference between B2B and B2C patterns. Confronting much trouble in research about the relevant subject because our subject is much slippery and confounding. After two twenty-four hours fighting and with different cardinal words as suggested by coach, we came at one point of start. Need to understand the synthesis Main Report like how to pull grounds and evaluate and present our ain ideas in Report. It was advised that the chief study should be synthesis instead than descriptive. A batch of hurdlings came while seeking the subjects. To twenty-four hours I got some utile articles and after reading got some utile points of my demands. This hebdomad we had a meeting on Friday to work out the issues sing the apprehension of subjects and their cardinal dictions for hunt. 03 28-06-2010 This hebdomad, experiencing much trouble while reading, reexamining and comparing the articles of different writers and different sides sing my subject and cardinal words. Before start composing the literature reappraisal, I must necessitate to understand and analyze the Harvard System for proper referencing. So Google it and happen and understand the many ways of seting citing for article, diaries and books such as articles with losing day of the month, losing writer ‘s name, with more than one or two writer ‘s work etc. Today, I started my work on thesis and I made a booklet of my all downloaded article and took the print and read two of them so do the synthesize point from them I have been started my work from literature reappraisal which is the chief organic structure of the study in which we needs to set our ability to bring forth a quality of work at that place. I had written my synthesis point from two articles. This hebdomad we had a 2nd meeting on Friday to work out the issues sing the apprehension of subjects and portion some thoughts every bit good as searched article with each other besides our undertaking director direct us some utile subject related to ask foring stamp of technological solutions. I have decided to split my work chapter wise as guided us by our AMP faculty Coordinator. So we come the point that work should be start from literature reappraisal subdivision. 04 05-07-2010 Today I got my consequence ; I had passed my in all faculties. Thankss to Almighty GOD. Today I besides review the one more article which is presented in an international conference sing issues related to ICT facing by SMEs companies. So extract some chief point from this article and note down. In our meeting we discussed about the difference between E-business and E-commence, it found about a elaborate reading that e-commence is linked to the B2B and e-business is linked with B2C. Furthermore from surveies one thing come out that is digital-related merchandises and digital-unrelated merchandise. Our undertaking squad leader explained and clearly differentiated that digitally related merchandise i.e. package applications, nomadic phones, digital cameras were more suited for e-commerce, and more easy sold over the cyberspace unlike digitally unrelated merchandises like furniture where consumers must desire examine physically before a purchase is made. We besides discussed and studied further on the cardinal issues and consideration sing the stamp invitation for website development solution. 05 12-07-2010 In literature reappraisal, comparing of all research workers and writers work relevant to topic is really much hard and different nature of work for me. It is noticed that all research worker concentrating the similar issue that impacting the operation while company is traveling to B2C market and suggests the same demand and cardinal consideration. As I am holding the first experience at this degree of literature reappraisal and work but it is much interested and knowing attempt for me. It is really easy to deviate from the original subject during the literature reexamining procedure. Felt much trouble like recreation from my original subject in this portion of work. May God assist me to make this in good and best ways related to demand topic demand. 06 19-07-2010 This hebdomad I was non able to work on my study due to my some personal battle and some household issues so I was out of station. 07 26-07-2010 This hebdomad, I started to understand and revise some articles and paperss on tendering. As I need to understand that how to ask for the stamp for technological and package solutions. Issues come up while composing on ask foring stamps for technological solution. Because invitation of stamps for proficient and non proficient solution are much confusing and related work. But feel similar interesting as I am holding the new expertness and expertness in this new country of tendering. I do n't hold any experience of reading such type of paperss. As I was stuck on the measure of ask foring stamp so today I consulted with the squad leader of our group so she assist me out in apprehension of this specific point that what are the cardinal demand for ask foring the stamps as I was believing on the format like that sing tendering but she solved my issue and sent some articles for literature reappraisal related to this. She is really much assisting individual and nice lady and she should be a good squad leader in future. 08 02-08-2010 Confusion- authorship on invite stamp for web development that whether it should b E-tendering or normal traditional manner. Another issue that I was confronting that in most of tendering article there is no proper writer or research worker name. Largely the company and organisational name are mentioned while ask foring stamp for the technological or package solutions. Got some article and diary on tendering and outsourcing the IT related work and technological solution. This hebdomad I have made my concluding agenda and split the yearss till concluding reappraisal of study and how to shut my work within the month of August. Understand and learnt about the usage of indexing in tabular array of contents in MSWord ; how to utilize the proper referencing. 09 09-08-2010 This hebdomad I met with my one of the group member in LRC and discussed about the e-book umpirage and how many mentions we can utilize and whether largely should be diary ‘s articles and could be from any where else? So she suggested that we should e-mail to Peter Godwin every bit good as we get some information from LR usher or mentioning within digital library. After that we discussed about recommendations on subject. Should we necessitate to propose or set some recommendation related to our sort of work? This hebdomad, I got some good article but this is my targeted hebdomad in my clip tabular array to complete all the literature reappraisal and authorship. And should be focus and emphasized on the synthesis, analysis and comparing of the study in last 3 hebdomad. This hebdomad, I need to scale down and windup my all reappraisal work. Today is the terminal of this hebdomad and I have closed my literature reappraisal authorship and my following phase is to syntheses the study and exacts the cardinal point for analysis and treatment. 10 16-08-2010 Today I have started my work on reappraisal of my work with elaborate and syntheses point of position. Feel some ambiguity sing mentions in analysis and discuss phase that whether we need to set the Harvard mention within the analysis and treatment part like we did in literature reappraisal or non? To decide this issue I put an electronic mail to our squad member and waiting of there answer. 11 23-08-2010 This hebdomad is really much tough and important as I wholly put my attempt on the alteration and focal point on my whole work and equilibrate the study in a proper flow and come out with corrected some errors After that I can break concentrate working on the decision and recommendation of the subject. Today terminal of this hebdomad, I wrote down my decision and recommendation. 12 30-08-2010 Working on contemplation analysis study and syntheses my all work into concluding version. Recompiled day-to-day dairy log of my all 3 month plantsPersonal feelings and larning from the experienceResearch work is truly really much interesting but clip consuming. I spend my neat hours and hours on this study and this work should be helpful and really much supportive for my future work and acquisition at this degree and above this. Meetings and regular Google talk and email exchange about AMP study work, experiences and treatment with group members. Some major troubles were come in forepart while reexamining the literature like comparing of all research workers and writers work sing my subject. As it is noticed that all research worker concentrating the similar issue that impacting the operation while traveling to B2C market and suggests the same demand and cardinal consideration for outsourcing procedures. As I was holding the first clip experience at this degree of literature reappraisal and work but it was much interested and knowing attempt for me. I enjoy a batch with m y work and experience much happy at this phase and got much knowledge from last three month attempts. That how to do the comparing of other writers work and note down in ain my dictions. It was really easy to deviate from the original path during literature reexamining stage every bit good as in composing the study procedure. My God assist me out to make this thing in good and best ways that I was linked to my subject. Issue sing literature reappraisal and other relevant work are resolved really swimmingly with the aid of all my group members ‘ corporate engagement and attempts. We had arranged the meetings until all the members are cleared and much satisfied with the apprehension of subject and informations aggregation as we had three hebdomadal groups run intoing with squad leader after the AMP hebdomad. My squad was really much generous with the committedness and clip promptness. My part was besides singular every bit good and I was linked with my group members all the clip 24/7 through electronic mail, facebook and Mobile. And I was much satisfied with my work and with group members ‘ response.Group Dynamics and Learning from the experienceHere I must advert one thing that my current AMP group members are non fresh new members. We were holding same group in all our old class work. So we were much comfy with each other and knew each other frame of head and algorithm of work. And we understand the group kineticss and duties. As a whole I did n't experience any job in my work with my members. Since I was linked with my group members all the clip 24/7 through electronic mail, nomadic and all the group members were much satisfied with my part and with my speedy response on any issue related to our work. I fulfill my all duties that were given by our squad leader. Out supervisor consultancy was really much helpful for us sing the understanding the existent subject and how to seek the relevant stuff from digital library. He did really flat best to work out our issues. I learnt that the group work is really much effectual and helpful for this type of large undertakings as the work is distributed and every member come up with good and di fferent thoughts and cognition. And the undertaking will run into the deadlines really swimmingly.Lessons for the hereafter UndertakingsThe lesson learned dairy was kept in order to convey all the lessons together that we learnt during the thesis work, which would be the guideline for other future undertakings. The hebdomadal journal was updated whenever I have learned some thing new during the undertaking whether it was positive or negative lesson. From experience with the proper direction of work start to stop and all the group members cooperation ; many positive and good lessons was learned for future undertakings. Such as hebdomadal meetings, clip direction and good communicating with members will force up our advancement. With a good clip direction, now we have a batch of clip for quality reappraisal and rectification before the deadline. I learnt really much from group work experience as it will assist me out in increasing good direction accomplishment and to accomplish the aims harmonizing to prefix quality criterions within the clip constrains through the planning and good control particularly at initial phase. Daily log helped me out to program and schedule the hebdomadal undertakings and overall advancement of my work. Following are the cardinal lessons I have learned for future undertaking as a group. Good apprehension and friendly work environment. meetings with group members and hebdomadal dairy and should be maintained Time direction and planning Good communicating and updates sharing.DecisionThe undertaking was managed really calmly and swimmingly with aid of supervisors ‘ guidelines from the first phase and good squad ‘s effectual communicating via ( electronic mail, phone and hebdomadal meetings ) motive, be aftering and clip direction, hazard direction and most of import is self direction and motive. Each squad members was really much delegated, punctual and showed their duty. The tool of hebdomadal dairy helped me out to aline and supervise my each phase and there aims. We received the feedback and do the updates with hebdomadal group meeting at the start. However, with good clip direction and apprehension of work, our group members met the deadlines but we faced few issues and hurdlings sing understand of subject and hunt of relevant stuff like e-article, e-journal and books. But with effectual communicating between all members via meetings, electronic mail, phone all the hazards and issues will be overcomes with the clip existences. Finally, my undertaking was successfully finished with the clemency of Almighty God and the equal part of all squad members at there degree best and my female parents ‘ supplication was with me all the clip. At the terminal, I believed that good direction accomplishment and supportive undertaking leader every bit good as adequate support from the supervisor in AMP Week were the grounds for no major issues, hurdlings, and divergences from the path. As good direction and clear communicating helped out greatly to avoid the likely issues and struggles as every squad members were cognizant of their ain deadlines and their ain duty. I must appreciate this new method of ego recording of our day-to-day work for such type of long undertaking which kept us on right way and lesson for clip direction and contemplation of our work for future chances. I am much satisfied with my work at this phase and learnt a batch for future things as this whole experience of UK alterations my life style a nd it was the womb-to-tomb acquisition for me.

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The Scarlet Letter and the Crucible Comparison - 948 Words

Skyler Vincent English 2333 Amanda Cuellar April 04, 2012 In The Crucible and The Scarlet Letter, they are both known to be a part of the Puritan religion. The puritans are known to be very strict. Often people are put to cruel punishments for mistakes or sins they had committed. The actions they take to â€Å"punish† a person are extreme. The Puritans act and seem so committed to their religion. The people seem â€Å"Holy† but you never really know what happens behind closed doors. The Puritan religion is so strict is causes members to become corrupt. There are huge conflicts that take place in both books. The crucible is built up on a bunch of lies. The lies grow bigger each day and more people, innocent people, get thrown into the†¦show more content†¦(The Scarlet Letter 96) This was said by Dimmesdale to all of his people. The statement was in plain sight and yet the people did not grasp the outcry of their shameful pastor. A corrupt preacher will lead to a corrupt church and that is what he did because he let th em mistreat Hester and did not preach against the cruelty they had towards her. The puritans were so oblivious to reality that they were against the innocent and were for the sinners and this deeply applies to The Crucible, seeing as though they killed many innocent people because one girl lied. As for the puritans, they really could not cope with the evidence of their senses because they were metaphorically â€Å"blind†. There was sin all around them and some of them that were trapped inside the sin, yet they could not face reality and realize that they were not as perfect as they once thought. The members of the Puritan church were so grounded in their religion the thoughts, rules, and decisions should have been unlawful and this and many other reasons cause them to be a corrupt society. The crucible and The Scarlet Letter are the perfect example to stand by the statement of the Puritans being corrupt. These two books are a great representation for a long time ago and thes e events still happen today except instead of Puritans it is the Amish. These are the reasons as to why there is an everlastingShow MoreRelatedScarlet Letter And The Crucible Comparison732 Words   |  3 PagesThe Comparison of The Scarlet Letter and The Crucible Both in the novel The Scarlet Letter, written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, and the play The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, women play an important role in the story. Whether it’s for the good of the town or for the worse is the main difference in the stories. Both take a different view on women, and make them the main driving feature of the story, leading to be an interesting comparison when put side by side. In The Crucible, the women of theRead MoreThe Scarlet Letter vs. the Crucible Essay703 Words   |  3 PagesThe edgy tale of The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne is comparable in many ways to Arthur Miller’s haunting play The Crucible. Both are set in Puritan New England in the 17th century and revolve around the harsh law enforcement of the time. However, The Scarlet Letter tells the story of a woman as she deals with her heavy Puritan punishment, whereas The Crucible follows hysteria as it spreads throughout an entire town. Hester Prynne, the main character of The Scarlet Letter, was found guilty forRead MoreEssay Prompts4057 Words   |  17 PagesSalesman Oedipus Rex Doctor Faustus Orlando Don Quixote A portrait of the Artist as a Young Man A Gesture Life Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead Ghosts The Scarlet Letter Great Expectations Sister Carrie The Great Gatsby The Sound and Fury Gulliver’s Travels Sula Heart of Darkness The Sun Also Rises Invisible Man Their Eyes Were Watching God Joe Turner’s Come and Gone The Things They CarriedRead MoreHow To Write Literary Analysis4174 Words   |  17 Pagesup in Lord of the Flies?† â€Å"Are Dr. Frankenstein and his monster alike? How?† Bad Questions â€Å"What happens to Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird?† â€Å"What do the other characters in Julius Caesar think about Caesar?† â€Å"How does Hester Prynne in The Scarlet Letter remind me of my sister?† Step 2. Collect Evidence Once you know what question you want to answer, it’s time to scour the book for things that will help you answer it. Don’t worry if you don’t know what you want to say yet— right now you’reRead MoreIntroduction : How ve He Do That?10829 Words   |  44 Pagesperfected with lots of practice and understanding memory, symbol, and pattern; this only enhances the reading and provokes the reader to analyze the text in a more productive way. Once you become a more avid reader you will be privileged to make comparisons, connections, and your own conclusion from the literary work you’re reading with certain aspects of many different literary works you’ve read along the way. Not only does this bring depth into the work for your better understanding of the â€Å"big idea†