Saturday, February 22, 2020

Job Fair Brochure and Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Job Fair Brochure and - Research Paper Example People know the company very well and this approach has established credibility and integrity of the company. Over the past few years, especially with the addition of Suptuous Ballroom, the profit margins have improved, sales increased and operating expenses have be reduced from 45% to 40%. Size/Growth – its effect and how management perceives it: Two staff accounts managers work under the company founder Rudy Electrum, each one handling a portfolio of clients. But positive aspect of being of small size is that company is more organic and lenient. The employees know each other very well and trust in each other. Vision/Mission Statement – What it says about the firm, and how management works toward it: There is no vision as such communicated by the management and CEO of the company but still employees have a dream of making Sumptuous Cuisine Cataering, a global catering company. Company has a mission to make the clients believe in them and trust them. Core Competencies: Company has a specific methodology of providing service according to international standards which is transparent, fluid and specialized. Moreover, its employees have high integrity, professionalism and dedication that assists them to mange and exceede client’s expectations. Client preferences, intersts and vision is held primary even if it requires unpopular decisions. Culture: The company has an informal atmosphere and all the employees know each other well. They work like a team and understand each other and work with coordination and collaboration. Due to long lasting relationship of the employees with the company, the employees understand the values and core competencies of the company which help them to perform their responsibilities well. Company has no international affiliation at this moment. The employees are self motivated to help the company to achieve its short term and long term goals. Employs believe the achievement of goals of the company as their reward. Lead ership/Decision Making: Company works under highly centralized decision making but as environment is like a team and family structure, so democracy helps in making some decisions but ultimate power lies with the founding partners Rudy Electrum and Tosca Cabrini. Leadership is very much encouraged in the company but only if you have guts and skills. Talent, skills and proposals of good projects are encouraged. Self motivation is there in the employees but as decision making is centralized, there is very limited empowerment. Recognizing & Rewarding Performance: There are no special rewards and recognitions, but only those of normal course of business. Employees believe themselves to be the incredible parts of the company and are self motivated. Innovation – Management’s perspective & the firm’s goals: Sumptuous Cuisine Catering is planning to open a Sumptuous Ballroom, to enable the company attain its future goals of becoming a â€Å"true one-stop shop† for all-inclusive events by creative competitive edge. Interaction – Marketing, personalization, and customization: Sumptuous Cuisine Catering is a professional organization and it follows the various media strategies for the promotion of its new Sumptuous Ballrom. Company is still new in the locality yet it has developed a strong credibility and integrity. People know the company very well. So marketing happens through word of mouth and transfer of business cards at dinners and in the events. Mostly, we reach our customers through the

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