Monday, May 25, 2020

5.4.1Strengths. Joint Venture Has Political Protection,

5.4.1 Strengths Joint venture has political protection, whereby the Mozal Company has opportunity to access to greater resources, technological and environment. By upgrading technology and bring new technology has increase the Mozal company capacity providing quality labour consequently high quality production. Joint venture mode help the business to growth faster and increase productivity when the partner are efficient and skilled, thereupon the Mozal Company is efficiently, quality and safety Approximately 40% of the world supply of bauxite comes from Australia a stable political, economic and social system with aluminium broad application thereby, aluminium supply will have long – term positive impact, and†¦show more content†¦Moreover, since 2001, Mozal had opportunity to upgrading the technology and bring new technology by establishing linkages program for training more than 100 small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and more than 3000 employees benefited from its activities, upgrading technology Nevertheless, Mozal since 2014, had opportunity to access to local firms which contributes to the local downstream industry by supplying aluminium ingots that manufactures a variety of value added aluminium – based products and material for local consumption and export (Mozal Aluminum, 2017), this lead to great demand for a metal that can easily used multiples time. â€Å"In line with the principles of sustainability, the trust focuses on assisting the community to generate income on a continuous basis and improve living conditions. Therefore, it’s to provide access to health care, water, sanitation and education in an effort to alleviate poverty levels,† states the South32 website. 5.4.4 Threats There are two major risks that faced by Mozal: the risk of financial nature and the risk of physical nature. The first refers to the uncertainty due to poor economic conditions, creating pricing risk that can lower prices; The environmental restrictions resulting from the Kyoto Protocol oblige subscribing countries

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